About Us

Tel: 870.931.0700 Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-2:30 PM, Dinner 5-9 PM  Satureday 11-9 PM, Sunday 11-8:30 PM

Sai Kattaviravong, owner Sai Thai Cuisine, can't sit still very long. That's part of why she's been so successful. "A lot of people don't like change. I'm just the opposite. I love to try new things and have new experiences. If I set my mind on something. I won't be able to sleep until it gets done."  Fortunately for her, she's not the only one with those traits in her family. "I thing that's why my husband and I get along so well. We are both the same in that regard."         

Family is very important to Sai. She loves the freedom of owning her own restaurant and how it allows her time to spend with them, even though it can be challenging. "In this business, things are always changing. It seems as though every day is different."         

Different is a trademark of Sai's, as she has taken a very different path to entrepreneurship. After graduating from Arkansas Tech University, Sai started her career in finance where she worked for investment banking companies like Morgan Stanley and Crews & Associates. She also worked in real estate before making the move to restaurateur.          

Through it all, she has remained focused. "Be True to your self and respect yourself. But remember the Golden Rule and treat others the way you want to be treated."