Choose: Tofu, Vegetables, Chicken, or Pork
$2.00 more for Shrimp or Beef (New York Strip)
$2.95 more for seafood (shrimp & scallop)
Served with soup or salad and Jasmine rice

                                         LUNCH         DINNER

T1         CASHEW                $8.95            $11.95
Stir fried with  zucchinis, red bell peppers, yellow onions, cashew nuts and orange rinds.

 T2         GINGER                  $8.95            $11.95
Stir fried with green onions, straw mushrooms, red bell peppers and ginger strips.

 T3        THAI  ROASTED  DUCK                $14.95
Stir fried Roasted Duck with fresh vegetables and  topped with house special sauces.

 T4         PEPPER  STEAK       $10.95        $13.95
New York strip stir fried in oyster sauce, bell peppers, onions and house sauces.

 T5        NAM  PRIK  PAO        $8.95          $11.95
Stir fried in  zucchinis, red bell pepers, yellow onions and nam prik pao sauces.

 T6        THAI  SALMON            $11.95       $14.95
Grilled Atlantic Salmon, topped with stir fried vegetables.

T7        DYNAMITE  SHRIMP    $11.95       $16.95 

Spicy tempura shrimp stir fried with pineapple, red bell, green onions and cashews

 T8         SPICY  BASIL            $8.95         $11.95
Stir fried with green bell, red bell, jumbo onions and Thai basil


D1   FRIED  CHEESE  CAKE                      $5.95 

D3    ICECREAM & TOPPINGS                    $4.95


THAI FRIED RICE  $2.95            JASMINE RICE   $1.95

HIBACHI  FRIED RICE $2.95       EXTRA SOUP   $1.50



 ***We will not recook or refund Thai Spicy Dishes!!!!

*** Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


Lunch Specials
Monday-Saturday 11-2:30pm

 All Hibachi  Lunch comes with house soup or salad, vegetables and fried rice
Dinner  Entrees comes with house soup, salad, vegetables and fried rice
For split Entrees $4.95 comes with extra soup, vegetables, salad and fried rice

                                      DINNER      LUNCH        

H1    FILET  MIGNON  STEAK  $19.95    $12.95               
H2    HIBACHI  VEGETABLES  $10.95         $7.95

H3    NY STRIP STEAK          $17.95         $10.95 

H4    TERIYAKI  CHICKEN     $13.95            $9.95

H5    TERIYAKI  STEAK        $14.95          $10.95

H6    HIBACHI  SHRIMP        $17.95          $11.95

H7    HIBACHI  SALMON         $18.95         $11.95

H8    HIBACHI  CALAMARI                $16.95         

H9    HIBACHI  CHICKEN        $14.95          $9.95

H10   HIBACHI   SCALLOP     $17.95          $11.95

H11   STEAK  &  SHRIMP      $20.95          $12.95

H12   STEAK  & CHICKEN     $18.95           $11.95

H13  CHICKEN  & SHRIMP     $17.95          $11.95

H14  STEAK &  SALMON       $19.95                   

H15  FILET MIGNON & SHRIMP    $24.95


H17  FILET MIGNON, SHRIMP      $34.95



Choose: Tofu, Vegetables, Chicken, or Pork
$2.00 more for Shrimp or Beef (New York Strip)
$2.95 more for seafood (shrimp & scallop)
 Served with soup or salad and jasmine rice

                                          LUNCH          DINNER

C1        YELLOW, RED OR   $8.95            $11.95
             GREEN CURRY
Thai curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots,
Red bell peppers, Zucchini and Thai basil.

 C2        MASSAMUN CURRY $8.95           $11.95  Traditional, spicy curry with coconut milk, pineapple chunks and jumbo onions

 C3        PANANG CURRY    $8.95            $11.95
Panang Curry paste in coconut milk, Bamboo shoots and bell peppers, and sweet basil


​​​​​​​​​           APPETIZERS

 A1        CRAB  RANGOON             $5.95    

Crispy fried crab wonton served with sweet

and sour sauce.

A2        CRISPY  SHRIMP              $7.95              
Shrimp with Thai herbs, wrapped in
wonton skin and deep fried

A3        THAI  EGG  ROLLS            $5.95 
Crispy egg rolls, stuffed with ground chicken,
bean threads and vegetables.

 A4        CHICKEN  SATAY            $6.95              
Strips of chicken breast, grilled on bamboo skewers
and served with side of peanut and cucumber sauces.

A5        THAI  FRESH  ROLLS           $5.95  

Rolled with fresh lettuces, carrots, cilantro and
vermicelli noodles. Served with special dipping sauce.

A6        SHRIMP TEMPURA              $7.95           

A7        FRIED  CALAMARI                $7.95


 S1         TOM  YUM                             $8.95
Traditional hot & sour chicken soup with fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, green onions, cilantro, mushroom and lime juice

S2         TOM  KA  GAI                        $8.95 
Thai coconut soup simmered with chicken, fresh lemongrass , Green onions, mushrooms and Thai spices.

S3         GRILLED  STEAK  SALAD      $12.95
Grilled New York Strip Steak, sliced and tossed with green onions, cilantros, chili and lime juice.

 S4         THAI  LETTUCE  WRAP          $9.95
Chopped chicken seasoned with Thai herbs and spices.



Choose: Tofu, Vegetables, Chicken, or Pork  
$2.00 more for Shrimp or Beef (New York Strip)
$2.95 more for seafood (shrimp & scallop)
Served with soup or salad

                                              LUNCH      DINNER

F1         PAD THAI                   $8.95          $11.95
Thai rice noodles stir fried with egg, bean sprouts, and green onions, ground peanut.

 F2         THAI  FRIED  RICE     $8.95         $10.95
Stir fried rice with egg, green onions, jumbo onions, red bell and house special sauces.

 F3         PAD  KEE  MAO        $8.95          $11.95
Spicy pan fried flat noodles with mixed vegetables and egg.

 F4        BASIL  FRIED  RICE    $8.95         $11.95
Spicy Thai fried rice with egg, broccoli, red bell, jumbo onions and Thai sweet basil.

 F5      PAD  SEE-EW                $8.95       $11.95
Pan fried flat noodles with broccoli, black soy sauce and eggs.

 F6     PINEAPPLE  FRIED  RICE $9.95     $11.95
Thai fried rice with eggs, pineapple, cashew nuts and vegetables.

 F7         LAD  NAH                  $9.95         $12.95
Pan fried rice noodles with eggs, topped with stir fried broccoli, straw mushrooms and carrots in brown gravy sauces.


                    KIDS  MENU
                    12 & UNDER ONLY

K1       HIBACHI  CHICKEN                         $7.95
K2       HIBACHI  STEAK                             $8.95
K3       HIBACHI  SHRIMP                           $8.95
K4       AIYDAN  FRIED RICE                      $5.95

              (Fried rice with egg)
K5       PAD  THAI  CHICKEN                       $6.95
K6        BELLA  FRIED RICE                       $7.95
 Fried rice with chicken, pineapple & cashews


B1       PEPSI  PRODUCTS             $1.95
B2        ICED  TEA                          $1.95
B2        HOT  TEA                          $1.95(no refill)
Jasmine or green tea              
B3       THAI  ICED  TEA                 $2.95(no refill)
B4       THAI  ICED  COFFEE          $3.95 (no refill)



Tel: 870.931.0700 Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-2:30 PM, Dinner 5-9 PM  Satureday 11-9 PM, Sunday 11-8:30 PM