Tel: 870.931.0700 Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-2:30 PM, Dinner 5-9 PM  Satureday 11-9 PM, Sunday 11-8:30 PM

"Sai's food is not just delicious, it is truly a work of art!"

-Reta Graham

"The sushi is some of the best that I've had in Jonesboro and any other city I've lived, delicious and beautiful."

-Shelli Wood

"The Red Curry is the best I have had."

-Sam Jones IV

"Great. The PAD Thai noodles are to die for and the egg rools. The spices are great for those needing a break from the Jonesboro norm."

"Sai is the best Thai restaurant in Jonesboro, AR! They offer everything you expect on a typical Thai menu, each well prepared and seasoned with fresh ingredients.

It is a handsome place. Great attention went into every detail, copper foiled walls and a cluster of paper lanterns adorn the split level dining room. The pleasant waitstaff is dressed in traditional garments. The trendy decor, creative presentation and urban feel of Sai adds to the enjoyment of this dining experience.

Service was prompt and every dish was delicious. Dinner portions garnished with vegetables carved into flowers were large enough to share. Having just recently opened, they served complimentary Tom Kha Kai to everyone at our table.

You can view the restaurant and a complete menu at

I recommend the "Thai Fresh Rolls" (basil rolls) , Tom Kha Gai, Pad Thai, Cashew Chicken, any spicy curry, and "Thai Broccoli Noodle" (Lad Nah). The menu contains a complete description of each dish for those unfamiliar with Thai cooking.  

Welcome to Jonesboro Sai! I hope you stick around.

Update- Went a second time, even better than the first as our server performed Thai dancing at the front of the restaurant. It was lovely, apparently a regular feature at dinner or by request for a special occassion."
-Rich R- New York